HBS responder receives award from the Iriya

Lavey Freedman receives award from the Iriya

On Sunday, the City of Beit Shemesh held an event acknowledging the local emergency responders, including the police, fire department, MDA, and other community organizations that help people in emergencies.

Hatzala Beit Shemesh proudly submitted our responder, Lavey Freedman, to receive mention and an award at the event. Lavey, who works locally as the principal of a school, was recognized for his many positions in HBS – including driver, EMT and dispatcher.  Lavey is notorious for responding to calls when most people are fast asleep in their beds, and a Motzei Shabbos doesn’t go by without hearing him dispatching for HBS.

We congratulate and recognize the hard work that Lavey does for the community! Yasher Koach!

Not a moment too soon….

Not a moment to lose… a crazy Hashgacha pratis story.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon. Hatzala Beit Shemesh – RBS A, G, G2 CEO Moshe Braun and another responder were about to depart the office to get some fuel. Normally, HBS purchases fuel at the Paz station in Zakaria. Today, though, Moshe and the responder has a few stops to make – and started a series of events that put the ambulance exactly where it needed to be when an emergency happened.

Trying to get out of the office proved to be more difficult than thought. Preparing for the Chanuka party, day-day banking and operations stuff kept coming up. Finally, Moshe and his partner were able to get out. After a few stops in a couple of places, Moshe headed towards the Scheinfeld Shopping Center to pick up a piece of equipment. We can count on one hand how many times our ambulance has been at the Scheinfeld Shopping Center.

As Moshe pulled into the parking lot, he and his partner noticed a lady standing by her car. Her car was parked facing into the parking spot, door open, with her back to the car. Suddenly, her car starting moving backwards, the door slowly beginning to push her.

Recognizing the immediate emergency, Moshe, who was driving the ambulance, started sounding the horn to warn the women. In the meantime, Moshe’s partner quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and ran from the ambulance. At this point, the car was about to push the lady over, and potentially shoving her under the car tires.

Without a second to lose, the EMT was able to enter the open door and pull the handbrake, causing the car to come to a stop.

The woman, having just came from the Kupat Cholim,explained that she was confused, She started her car, put it into reverse, and got out.

Hashem puts people where they need to be at the time they need to be there! Kol Hakavod to the HBS personnel involved in this story.

For any emergency in RBS A, G and G2: 02.999.999.2

What’s HBS up to?

Your local Hatzala EMS organization has been working hard for our community with #lifecaring care!

Over Shabbos, we responded to a significant number of calls that came into our hotline. A number of those calls were extremely serious and complex. Many thanks to מגן דוד אדום – Magen David Adom, our local doctors, and our local paramedics for their much-needed assistance.

After Shabbos, volunteers from HBS assisted both the Ariel and Ezra girls make their way safely to their respective destinations.

Last night, HBS volunteers – both Men’s and Women’s Divisions – were treated to a Shiur & continuing medical education on responding to psychological emergencies, given by our medical director, Dr. Yechiel Reit. A delicious home-cooked Melave Malka was prepared by some of responders.

Hatzala Beit Shemesh. We’re not just #lifesavers. We’re #lifecarers.

For any emergency in RBS A, G or G2: 02.999.999.2