Welcome to the HBS Blog!

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Welcome to the HBS Blog.

We’ve been doing this EMS thing for quite a while, and we have lots to share!

Of course, we don’t share things like pictures and specific call information, but we can share life inside HBS, some of our new initiatives, safety tips, and we can also introduce you to some of our amazing team members who drop everything so they can help you when you need help during an emergency, as well as inspiring stories of just how great our volunteers are.

We hope to bring you #localhero inspiration on a weekly basis. Look for our first amazing HBS story next Tuesday!

Our Volunteers Need Your Help To Stay Safe

We are in the middle of the coronavirus. That means that emergency medical services in Ramat Beit Shemesh are overwhelmed.

Hatzala Beit Shemesh is helping by not getting involved. That’s right. We’re not getting involved in Coronavirus response. What we are doing is lessening the stress on EMS by covering other emergencies. That means we’re still responding to helping people who are hurt, sick, in labor, and reuniting missing people with their loved ones when they get lost.

Our mental health team has been asked by the City of Beit Shemesh to be available when people, struggling to cope with the coronavirus situation, need someone to talk to, to provide caring support.

We will continue to be here for the Ramat Beit Shemesh community even after coronavirus is long gone.

We must still be prepared to protect our volunteers, and our patients. The cost of personal safety equipment, which must be worn on every call, has skyrocketed. Medical supplies have been depleted, and must be purchased. Items that were once easy to find, have to be searched for, taking office personnel away from other important tasks.

We don’t rely on grants, government funding or any other funding source other than our amazing donors. But if there’s ever been a time your help is needed, it’s now.

Every donation helps, and together, we can help save lives now, during the coronavirus crisis, and well after.

Click the link below to make a donation to Hatzala Beit Shemesh today !.

All donations are Israeli & US tax deductible.


HBS responder receives award from the Iriya

Lavey Freedman receives award from the Iriya

On Sunday, the City of Beit Shemesh held an event acknowledging the local emergency responders, including the police, fire department, MDA, and other community organizations that help people in emergencies.

Hatzala Beit Shemesh proudly submitted our responder, Lavey Freedman, to receive mention and an award at the event. Lavey, who works locally as the principal of a school, was recognized for his many positions in HBS – including driver, EMT and dispatcher.  Lavey is notorious for responding to calls when most people are fast asleep in their beds, and a Motzei Shabbos doesn’t go by without hearing him dispatching for HBS.

We congratulate and recognize the hard work that Lavey does for the community! Yasher Koach!